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About Us

That sweet delight which melts into your mouth, giving the amazing taste, it does, is the magic of chocolates!

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The Journey

Have you ever had a dream that is so close to your heart that you simply couldn’t allow it to disperse in thin air? I had a dream of this kind when I was a kid… of spreading happiness with the food I cook.

When I was mere 3 feet tall, I used to follow my mom to the kitchen to watch her cook while my friends were busy grooming their dolls. I remember getting enchanted by the things she created and the way she created them! Soon, I started creating my tiny versions of various Indian sweets and serving them with great pride. I remember feeling my chest swell with happiness whenever someone praised my little love preparations and blessed me with a big smile. For the first time in life, I knew what pure happiness that comes out of accomplishment feels like. . .

Life took over as it usually does after that, and I got busy following the norms of the society while simultaneously nurturing my cooking skills. After my graduation course, I became a house-wife and started making the people around me happy with my delicious creations. I participated in the Master Chef India and was thrilled to get selected from thousands of people! In all this, somewhere deep down, I wanted to hone my skills by learning from the experts and in order to achieve that, I put all my efforts towards receiving that knowledge. With a lot of hard work on my part, one door opened and I did the best of that opportunity by learning everything that I possibly could for two years straight while balancing my family life along with it.

I found the courage of starting ‘Chocolates by Nehaa Ahmed’ following that and there was no looking back after that step. Soon, the word of mouth spread and I was serving happiness to young and old hearts alike! One such fine day, probably my luckiest day, I met a man whose world was full of machines and grease, and his heart was longing for a hospitality business. I found out that he was nurturing a small seedling of burning passion since a long, long time ago. It deepened he stated when his small daughters took a mighty interest in it and now have big expectations from him! What is it I wondered and was delighted to find out that his passion resonated with mine – he wanted to serve the people all around the world with nothing but the best of food! Being a veteran businessman, his ideas and visions surpassed the boundaries I had imagined, and that was the day our thoughts intersected, our wavelengths met and magic happened!

With his knowledge of business spanning decades, his thorough understanding of the market and mine skills combined, Fantasy Bistro came in the picture which believes that the ultimate comfort of life is food and that foodies are the best kind of people! Spoons in hand, we both traveled across India and tasted the vast plethora of offerings which came in every colour, taste, and grandeur possible! Mesmerized, we brainstormed our way towards our distinctive menu which is now proving to be a gastronomical delight!

Fantasy Standards

Here are some strong reasons why you should try out our food…the rest, our food will take care of!

  • All the ingredients used are picked with great care; if it isn’t fresh, it doesn’t make its way to our kitchen.
  • The necessary preparations for the delicacies like the base, fillings, toppings are all prepared fresh and none of it is made before time in order to store it as we value freshness.
  • We do not prefer artificial colours and believe that natural colours imparted by the ingredients are palatable enough, however, we do add colours sparsely at times if the recipe requires it.
  • Our recipes are a delightful mixture of tastes from various origins and they give you a chance to take yourself on a delicious new experience!
  • That said, our recipes are customizable. If you want a gigantic dessert, we have you covered, if you want a bite-sized one, we have you covered. Same goes for sugar-free, gluten-free, chocolate-free and so on. State your choice, state your preference and we take care of it.
  • We take special pride in our packaging as we love to customize the packaging according to the occasion or festival. Try us out if you love creativity!
  • Our delivery is flawless and every order will do justice to the picture displayed.  All the pictures used are of the actual creations of Fantasy Bistro and if some differences are spotted in the picture and in the product, that is solely because of the availability of the types of raw materials. No cherries from the same plant look similar!
  • Our prices are affordable. When we say we want to spread happiness to one and all, we mean it.

Appetizing Vision

Fantasy Bistro is the baby brand of the parent Vivanda Hospitality. We started out with desserts as they speak the language of the heart; no matter how full a person is, there is always some special space for desserts! Our beloved Indian celebrations and festivals aren’t complete without sweet offerings as they are an indulgence of happiness. Currently, we are knee deep into churning out delicious chocolates, cakes, confectionaries and all-day snacks, however, we plan to slowly move towards global cuisines and so much more!

We like to keep our pace slow and steady as we believe that this practice ensures and retains the quality of the products and service. Over time, we envision to develop our brand that would be recognized as pure goodness and will get associated with happiness. The goal is straight and simple; the road is heavenly and delicious!

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